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Thursday, 3 September 2009

Hello silence my old friend.

As of recent, I haven't had much to talk or post on here. I have been neglecting my creative needs. Its shameful.
I'm not going to spend another blog space whining about my lack of inspiration. i think I have done enough of that recently.

I have two things to show you, both little things to keep my mind ticking over while I'm home for the summer (although not long before third year begins).
Firstly, because I'm slightly obsessed with butterflies, I decided to make one to decorate my new room at uni with. I made it form old bits of haberdashery and wire. Please excuse the ridiculousness of the photo.
Secondly, I have started to make my own range of handmade Birthday cards, and this is one I made for my friend Emma (on the left). I have started doing mock up templates on photoshop, t the hopefully get printed to create my own line of bespoke cards.

Also, I am beginning side project work to my studies to create a small children's book of faries.
I know that in theory this sounds rather lame, however years ago I used to write and illustrate books about faries when I was in my teens. (Slightly sad I am aware) It was good practice, and it is paying off dividends to this day. Not to say the least when I was clearing through some draws I found these stories. I still believe that these can provide me with brilliant material for my book and I intend honour these with the same vigor as I originally wrote them.

For the time being here are some photos of my butterfly and card.

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JamieDOTBall said...

wow that butterfly is really quite wonderful talented little one