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Sunday, 27 September 2009

Another day, another dollar.

So tomorrow the first day or term and the first day of third year begins. I am both excited and nervous for what this next year brings.
I am currently sat in my new room in my new house/ flat at Loughborough. I came last sunday with the intention to nail loads of my dissertation reading. I would like to say I have done the previous however, the arrival of my fellow cohorts has somewhat delayed this process. Note to self, heels and a wet floor is not a good mix when on the dance floor. (Trust me, i have the bruises the prove it- idiot). However, I am positive once in the swing of everything, I shall conquer the mountain that is the dissertation.

On another note, while I was on the break my Mum asked me to do some "re-branding" for her beauty salon. I am not a Graphic designer so it probably is not as slick as some could produce. Plus I believe the typography isn't the best, however my Mum selected and liked the choice, and afterall its her salon she is promoting.
The illustration is my handy work however.
Please note that the blank space at the bottom is where our telephone number normally is.
I am not that stupid to leave that there for the whole internet to then rape me of it.

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