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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

10 words to describe yourself and work.

Yesterday I had my briefing for semester two of my final year at uni. Some tips that my tutor gave was to write down to words to best describe your qualities in your work.

I though this would be easy. As it turns out it really isn't. Ironic considering when its you that should know your work best, and as it was put to me earlier, you should be your biggest fan when it comes to work (but by no means arrogant or cavalier).

So far I have managed to come up with four words. They are:-

Sincere- I like to have grounding and meaning to most of my work. I am not a person that can make humorous work for the sake of it only being funny.

Clean- I prefer to like clean use of illustration that leans on a graphic style. I am not one for fussy fiddly bits when it comes to image making.

Crafted- Arguably slightly contradictory to the above word, craft has always played a huge part in my work. but when I say craft, I like things to look cleanly crafted and slick.

Subtle- When I have said this before to people, they revert in bemusement, questioning that my work is the very opposite of subtle and is brightly coloured. I agree, I love colour. However the message in my work often invites the viewer to engage and investigate. It is not being shouted from the top of a cliff for example.

The other six will follow soon- when I can think of them.