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Monday, 19 January 2009

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Wave Hello

This is an image i recently completed in accordance to a brief called "Alphabet". 
To me the alphabet is a series of symbols and shapes that represents our communication and how we arrange these and write these defines what we are trying to say. I also believe that the way we write can tell alot about how a person is in life. No person is alike, and no person writes alike, its like another form of a fingerprint. With this in mind, I asked many people to write their name into a fingerprint shape template which I then turned into a silk screen, to print with. From the prints I made this image of a hand, which emphasises that the idea that someone's handwriting is a unique language to  anyone person, just as their hand print is to them.

I'm quite happy with this piece. I really enjoyed the level of craft behind it also. This is what I enjoy the most about art, creating and making.

Work Station

I realised the other day that I hadn't yet wrote a single post in my blog after first creating it. I thought that the best way to start was to introduce to me and my work station.
So low and behold, here it is.
It is pretty basic, there you can see is my desk, my chair, my bookshelves and my inspiration wall. 
I love collecting weird postcards, odd advertisements, typography and photographs. The collection is now becoming so vast its encroaching on to the ceiling. Whenever I am feeling a little lack lustre or feeling low, My inspiration wall is something I can always take comfort from.
Sadly this isn't the case with my desk. Its small cramped, has a severe  lack of leg room, which in my case becomes a rather problematic situation. I can barely fit my mac on it and its the only place in my room where I can sit and read, as there is a chronic shortage of light.
The irony of the situation is that I spend the majority of my time sat here. I don't think there isn't a time where I am not working, even through the holidays I only had three days off and carried on working through. Part of me mourns the loss of my social life, but when the work works out it makes it worthwhile.

However this is something that is rare these days. I'm half way through my degree, I have no idea what my style is anymore, everything I produce I'm rarely ever satisfied with. 
I recognise that this is possibly a good thing as it is driving me forward to do better and better. 

Currently, I'm sitting in trepidation awaiting the results of work i submitted yesterday. I have no idea how I have done, although part of me doesn't want to know at all. Last year it didn't faze me as much when assessment time came through, as it was something that ultimately didn't count towards the degree. But now, I have no idea how good my best is. Is it enough, do I need to do more?
I honestly do not know.