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Saturday, 17 January 2009

Wave Hello

This is an image i recently completed in accordance to a brief called "Alphabet". 
To me the alphabet is a series of symbols and shapes that represents our communication and how we arrange these and write these defines what we are trying to say. I also believe that the way we write can tell alot about how a person is in life. No person is alike, and no person writes alike, its like another form of a fingerprint. With this in mind, I asked many people to write their name into a fingerprint shape template which I then turned into a silk screen, to print with. From the prints I made this image of a hand, which emphasises that the idea that someone's handwriting is a unique language to  anyone person, just as their hand print is to them.

I'm quite happy with this piece. I really enjoyed the level of craft behind it also. This is what I enjoy the most about art, creating and making.

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