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Thursday, 26 August 2010

Bonjour! Cava?

Hello my fellow bloggers. It has been sometime since posting anything on this little creative space which can be recognised as very lazy.

But I assure you that I have been busy since my last post. Firstly was the final push for my degree, then degree show, New Blood in London, Graduation, and the hunt for a job. Exhausting stuff.

For my final degree project, I chose the subject of the South Korean Economic Miracle as my focus. To me, I find information fascinating. This inspires my work and feeds my imagination. Making seemingly boring subject matter into something quite extraordinary and wondrous is a passion. By making information accessible to anyone, it allows everyone to be educated and enlightened about different aspects of life, time and history that may have been previously overlooked.

A Map is not only a geographical document; it is a relic of time and history. Maps are an effective use of displaying information; a work of art, which reflect the culture, beliefs and the aesthetics of the time. To stay relevant, maps must adhere to contemporary culture to suit the modern day audience. The South Korean Economic Miracle is a pivotal point in Korean history that has shaped a generation. The representation of this event in history has lacked the vitality the narrative deserves. Thus, I have ‘mapped’ the story of the South Korean Economic Miracle in a format that suits its modern audience and shows the miracle in the true light it desires.

To see my work please follow this link:


Photography and photographic tricks are becoming an increasing focus in my work, and I am definitely going to focus on this in the future, keep your eyes peeled!

But for now I will leave you live some pictures of my work.

All images and products are Copyright Charlotte Cooper 2010

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

10 words to describe yourself and work.

Yesterday I had my briefing for semester two of my final year at uni. Some tips that my tutor gave was to write down to words to best describe your qualities in your work.

I though this would be easy. As it turns out it really isn't. Ironic considering when its you that should know your work best, and as it was put to me earlier, you should be your biggest fan when it comes to work (but by no means arrogant or cavalier).

So far I have managed to come up with four words. They are:-

Sincere- I like to have grounding and meaning to most of my work. I am not a person that can make humorous work for the sake of it only being funny.

Clean- I prefer to like clean use of illustration that leans on a graphic style. I am not one for fussy fiddly bits when it comes to image making.

Crafted- Arguably slightly contradictory to the above word, craft has always played a huge part in my work. but when I say craft, I like things to look cleanly crafted and slick.

Subtle- When I have said this before to people, they revert in bemusement, questioning that my work is the very opposite of subtle and is brightly coloured. I agree, I love colour. However the message in my work often invites the viewer to engage and investigate. It is not being shouted from the top of a cliff for example.

The other six will follow soon- when I can think of them.

Monday, 18 January 2010


For part of this semesters work, I have taken part in the YCN brief for the paper company Fedrigoni. The brief was to deign something that encouraged designers and the design community to use the facilities at Fedrigoni's London Showroom.

I decided to make business cards and postcards that had images constructed out of the paper sold by Fedrigoni. The postcard would then be posted to designers, where on the reverse of the postcard , it listed details of the showroom.

Paper can be seen as something quite corporate, so I wanted to create something that would be beautiful to look at. I created the theme of 'Make something beautiful' for the postcard, making out of paper beautiful sculptures that aim to inspire designers to use the products of Fedrigoni and the venue of the London showroom. For the business cards, I took a more practical side to advertising the products of Fedrigoni. So I created paper sculptures that displayed the potential ways that paper could be used.

copyright Charlotte Cooper 2010.

Youth and human rights.

This summer I went to Krakow in Poland. Whilst over there, I went to the concentration camp Auschwitz. I was prepared for the scale of it, but not the reality. Seeing the camp in brightness of day and all its gruesome details really brought home to me the horror that the victims of the holocaust suffered. It really sparked a response inside of me. I had learned about the holocaust in school, but somehow it had seemed to have skimmed over the human element and the remorse I had felt visiting the place. I then began to question why this was. In Britain, we live in a very liberal society, and my generation has suffered no great hardship or ordeal in recent times. This has left my generation disconnected from attrocities that are happening elsewhere in the world, and have no way to relate. We live in a rather selfish and self absorbed culture, where we would rather sit on Facebook than pick up a newspaper and read about the conflict in the Middle East. It is easier to ignore the problem than to deal with it. Moreover this lack of involvement is only perpetuated more by government's (home and overseas) attempts to often misconstrue the truth and paint a veil over the reality of events, which only adds to the confusion.

For this semesters work, I have done a 12 week project on this idea. I have produced a campaign aimed at young people to think more about what is happening outside of our shores, to relate and be more aware of it. I considered possible vehicles to convey my ideas to my target market of 16-24 year olds. We have a society that is so absorbed in visual culture, that something has to really stand out to be effective. Being interested in motion based work, and realising that print doesn't always 'cut it' as a mouth piece to convey ideas on its own, I created a light show/moving graphics that 'spell out' the truth and the conflict in other places.

Whilst researching the project, I looked at how when something blue is put in a red light, it appears very dark. I then came across whilst researching another project illustrator Sophie Henson image's she had created by layering the colours blue and red. This then led me to create machetes for slides which I would use in my light show. One layer, red the other blue. On the red layer, I wrote a lie such as about the conditions of child soldiers in Burma and then on the blue layer the truth. When placed together the blue layer appears darker, making the truth therefore in escapable and unavoidable to accept the blanked of lies that attempt to skim over it (the red slide).

I designed a typeface that broke down shapes of letters which made the message more ambiguous which represents the breakdown in communication through the multiple messages told. I had my slides laser cut into acrylic and then projected through them to create a light show, that would be displayed in areas where my target market are likely to visit and use.

To support this, I had created a film downloadable to the Iphone (and other devices), where the viewer controls the speed of the film. Thus a swift movement over the screen would flick trough to images of the slides. However, when the user slows down the speed of the film, the slides are read, and the truth revealed. I also produced a book and posters to support the campaign, so that it was available in any format.

This is a film montage of the semesters work, including decision making, testing and filming of my work. I hope you enjoy seeing it as much as I enjoyed getting stuck into it.

Also in this post, are the posters I produced to support the campaign.

Copyright Charlotte Cooper 2010.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Christmas cards

Whilst in the studio today, we were discussing whether or not it was appropriate to upload Christmas card designs to blogs, when its no way near Christmas yet.

I am going to anyways. Not sure which one I prefer more, however I don't think they are too hot. Ah well, you live and you learn.


Copyright Charlotte Cooper 2009

Tuesday, 27 October 2009


As one of my briefs for this semesters work, I have done the Anorak Children's Magazine Cover Competition. Seeing as this competition is open to all art students, all over the world, I strongly doubt I would win.
However, it was nice to do a more jovial project compared to my rather serious and political brief that was inspired from a visit to Auschwitz. Sometimes I struggle to make "beautiful" images for the sake of being beautiful. I'm motivated by concept and meaning in my work, so if work doesn't have that, the bottom generally falls out.
So for me, this has been a bit of a change from how I create my work. I wanted to create an image that talked about all things that are winter. Some things aren't as obvious as others. I would like to have more typographic illustrations on the image, however, I didn't want the image to be overwhelmed or too busy.

But enjoy.

Copyright Charlotte Cooper 2009

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

The Zenit

In the summer, I cracked open my very old SLR the Zenit.
Just a few snaps from my life.
They make me rather nostalgic.