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Friday, 6 February 2009

Assessment update.

So, I got the ominous results back today from my assessment. Needless to say that I'm not overly satisfied with them. The thins is with being a an illustrator, your work and degree means so much more to you than perhaps maybe a more traditional subject. The work is personal and its from you, so when you fail in that, sometimes it is a bit of a blow.

I know that all failings are good, as you learn from them, but in my case, this means that there is a need for reconsideration of time. I need to be more Savvy with my time, and think about the creative judgements I make instead of thinking i need to get the work in on time, I need to think more "What can I do with my time?" and start building from there and then I feel my work will excel and get far more personalised. At the moment it is stale, its is not going anywhere, I'm not learning anything new and I want to do more and take more risks. 

Whoever said this course was a walk in the park was lying.


sophies day said...

ahh i'm at university in kingston, london studying illustration and it is CERTAINLY not a walk in the park! i was helping out with an open day for the faculty a few weeks ago & prospective students were looking at our portfolios which we brought with us at our interviews & got us in and so many people were asking "was ALL of this from your foundation? YOU DID LOADS!" mate, in comparison foundation was a breeezzzeeeee. i handed another 2 projects in today so i'm also waiting for grades. scary stuff!

Coop said...

Exactly. Although My foundation was really quite hardcore on the work front. But atleast in Foundation you eventually knew where you were going in the long run. Degree is much much harder.

But master plan for the remainder of 2nd year, WORK WORK WORK!!!!!

I'm bricking it already!